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philadelphia teachers
City Life

We Interviewed 100 Philly-Area Teachers About What It Takes to Raise Happy, Successful Kids

There’s been much chatter in the media about parenting. Or, to be more specific, bad parenting. You can’t scroll too far into your newsfeed without […]

City Life

The Complicated Mystery That Is Danielle Outlaw

It’s a balmy fall afternoon in the middle of evening rush hour at Broad and Olney — one of the city’s busiest transit hubs — and I’m waiting for […]


The No-Bullshit City Council At-Large Election Guide

It’s totally OK if you haven’t been paying attention to Philadelphia’s Democratic City Council At-Large race. The contest hasn’t grabbed a lot of headlines, with […]

City Life

What Does Daryl Metcalfe Have Against Philadelphia?

December 5th, 2017, started out as just another low and mildly contemptible day in Harrisburg. But by midmorning, it had metastasized into one that would […]

yafavtrashman terrill haigler
City Life

Inside YaFavTrashman’s Meteoric Rise From Mild-Mannered Sanitation Worker to Garbage Superhero

It’s a glorious Saturday morning in May, and Terrill Haigler, dressed in a gray knit cap, a black work jumpsuit emblazoned with a stylized cartoon […]


What Happens When a Startup Brain Decides to Focus on the Philly School System?

A great many of the emails Bob Moul sends are time-stamped between four and five in the morning, a detail that makes you feel like […]


Party Hopping: Scenes From Philly’s Big Election Night Bashes

Last night, Philadelphia magazine dispatched reporters to most of the Democratic mayoral candidates’ Election Day parties (sorry, Milton Street) to document the agony and the ecstasy […]

City Life

It’s Easy Being Green: How to Go Green

You don’t have to spend millions, or tear down your house, or pack up your Energy Star fridge and move to San Fran. Greening up […]

City Life

Michael Nutter’s Dilemma

Is he too much of a reformer to be mayor? Or so hungry to be mayor that he can't be a real reformer? Michael Nutter […]

City Life

Feature: Understanding the Man Who Killed Sabina Rose O’Donnell

LATE ONE NIGHT this past June, police say, a very young black man — more like a boy, actually — rode his bike over and […]

City Life

John-John Veasey’s Life After the Philly Mob

THE ITALIAN AMERICAN car salesman looked so out of place in Middle America that strangers would walk up to him and ask, “Say, are you […]

City Life

Murky Waters

FOUR BOYS ON bikes journey down to the river on a sunny fall day. There is a factory. a weed patch, a rock. The waters […]

City Life

The Shore ’08

LONG BEACH ISLAND THE VIBE Thought of as Jersey’s answer to the Hamptons in recent years (one of its towns is called Loveladies, for God’s […]

City Life

Has Temple University Lost Its Way?

The soft-spoken president of Temple University, Dick Englert, talks to Patrick O’Connor, the school’s chairman of the board of trustees, every day. The two men […]

City Life

The Trials of Tony Luke

It’s Monday afternoon, and Tony Luke Jr. drifts just above the surface of the moon. A woman speaks into his earpiece. “Anxiety is constant fear. […]