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City Life

17 Big Ideas to Make Philly a Kid-Friendly City

Eleven summers ago, the Center City District unveiled a newly renovated Sister Cities Park. Embedded in the midst of the buzzing Ben Franklin Parkway, the once-barren swath […]

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City Life

Philadelphia Is Finally Becoming a Great Hotel Town

If I were Ben Shank, I’d be stressed. Can’t-sleep, pulling-out-my-hair-level stressed. But Ben doesn’t seem stressed. Across the table from me, casually dressed in khakis […]

City Life

Urban Outfitters Bares All

America’s original naval shipyard is in Philadelphia, at the southern tip of the city, where the Schuylkill River meets the Delaware — 900 acres that […]

Birds 24/7

Carson Wentz: In Pursuit Of Perfection

Even North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple couldn’t help himself. Dressed in a green zip-up jacket while his wife wore a yellow coat to honor North […]

City Life

Can John Middleton Make the Phillies Champs Again?

Standing in the sanctuary of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, where blue bloods go to worship, John Middleton begins to cry. He has just looked up […]

City Life

Comcast Knows How Much You Hate Them — and They Really Want to Fix It

It sounds like the title of a ’70s action flick starring Pam Grier, set to an Isaac Hayes soundtrack: Asshole Brown and SuperBitch. As it […]

City Life

Helen Gym and Bill Green Try to Find Common Ground (or Not) on Education in Philadelphia

He’s chairman of the School Reform Commission. She’s co-founder of Parents United for Public Education. They have very different ideas about how to run the […]

City Life

Can Wild Boar Save the Suburban Mall?

THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT—THIS IS MARC VETRI’S OSTERIA. It’s 8 p.m. on a Saturday night, with a 45-minute wait and good-looking people standing three-deep […]

City Life

The Last Days of Bill Conlin

A year and a half ago, I flew down to Largo, Florida, and knocked on Bill Conlin’s door. It was early evening, and I couldn’t […]

City Life

The Judge Makers

ONE DAY IN early March 2007, at the Keystone Building in Harrisburg, there was a lottery drawing. Not for cash, but to decide who would […]

City Life

How Does Your Marriage Stack Up?

Picture a man and a woman. Let’s call them Michael and Jennifer. Michael is 30 and has a college degree; he’s worked hard to get […]

City Life

Best Places to Raise Kids: The 15 Most Family-Friendly Philly Suburbs

Narberth Population: 4,282 School district: Lower Merion Average SAT scores: 574 math / 589 reading / 576 writing Crime rate: 1.49 violent crimes per 1,000; […]

City Life

Members Only

The Racquet Club215 South 16th Street; 215-735-1525 The Racquet Club has always been a younger, swaggering sibling among the city’s clubs. Life here is centered […]

City Life

And The Ladies Who Lunch Shall Lead Them

Back in 1996, a young woman named Tracie Jerd moved to Mount Laurel, New Jersey, with her husband and landed a job as a project […]

City Life

Broken News

nd the nominees for last year's “Most Bizarre Moment in Philly TV News” are: Channel 10 anchor Sharon Reed's Internet smackdown of colleague Alicia Taylor, […]