Police Investigating New Year’s Eve Sexual Assault at Garage Fishtown

A woman was reportedly attacked inside the bar on New Year's Eve.

the exterior of garage fishtown, where a sexual assault was reported on New Year's Eve

The exterior of Garage Fishtown, where a sexual assault was reported on New Year’s Eve (Image via Google Maps)

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Police Investigating New Year’s Eve Sexual Assault at Garage Fishtown

A woman was allegedly sexually assaulted inside a bathroom during a New Year’s Eve celebration at Garage Fishtown, the bar and police sources confirmed Thursday.

This is an active investigation within the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, according to police, and the bar has been cooperative in the investigation.

A representative of Garage Fishtown posted this on the bar’s Instagram page:

Due to the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, there are no details to share at this time.

We hold our guests’ safety in the highest regard. We employ a large security team, have extensive high quality camera coverage, and strict use of ID scanners.

We have provided the Philadelphia Police Department with everything that we have and are cooperating fully with the investigation.

Anybody with information on the incident at Garage Fistown is asked to contact Special Victims Unit at 215-685-3251.

This is a developing story and may be updated at any time.

Biometric Facial Scanning Comes to Philadelphia International Airport

If you’re flying international out of PHL anytime soon, you’ll now encounter biometric facial scanning, officials announced on Thursday. The technology is designed to make sure that the face of the person boarding the airplane matches the face on your passport or visa.

“Customs and Border Protection and PHL Airport have partnered to expand the use of facial biometrics to provide international travelers with a secure, touchless departures process for identity verification and that protects the privacy of all travelers,” said Joseph Martella, a local CBP official in a statement. “Currently, CBP has processed more than 249 million travelers through facial biometrics and prevented more than 1,650 impostors from illegally entering the country. CBP will continue to explore emerging technologies to help improve travel efficiencies, the traveler experience, and enhance our nation’s security.”

The biometric facial scanners are already live at ten international gates. By the end of February, the airport plans to add the technology to ten more gates. And then five more by mid-April.

And don’t worry: If you don’t like the idea of having your face scanned at the airport, you can request a manual check by the CBP, assuming you are a U.S. citizen. (All non-U.S. citizens must get scanned.) Though an objection like that feels a little like my sister, who still refuses to get EZPass because she doesn’t want the government tracking her location, and yet she has an iPhone.

Anyway, here’s what to expect when you get to the airport:

A Whole New World

Penn student gets record deal thanks to 15-second TikTok video.

Did Somebody Say Snow?

Yes, yes they did. But don’t get too excited. An inch-and-a-half. Maybe.

Thanks for the Reminder. Ugh.

Hard to believe that checked-out Mayor Kenney still has a year to go.

And from the All-Right-Then Sports Desk …

According to numerous reports, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is awake and communicating with family and doctors. The Wall Street Journal said his first act was to write out for a nurse: “Did we win?” We all won, sir.

On Sunday, it’s the Eagles against the Giants at the Linc at 4:25 for the whole ball of wax — home field, a bye week — in the NFC East. Last we heard, coach Nick Sirianni was saying the return of QB Jalen Hurts was a “day to day” decision. Fly, Eagles, fly!

Tonight, the Bulls visit the Sixers at Wells Fargo at 7, and on Sunday, our guys head to Detroit to take on the Pistons at 3. Joel Embiid’s sore foot will keep him out of at least tonight’s game.

In college hoops, Drexel lost to Towson last night, 64-58. This weekend, it’s Penn at Cornell tonight at 7. On Saturday, we’ve got Rhode Island at La Salle, St. Joe’s at Fordham and Tulane visiting Temple at 2; Xavier at Villanova at 4:30; Penn at Columbia at 7; and Monmouth traveling to Drexel at 7.

The Flyers also play.

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