How Are You Spending Time at Home?

Send us your photo and tell us how you’re passing time while social distancing.

Spending time at home

How are you spending time at home? Photograph via Odd Sun/Unsplash

With COVID-19 keeping many of us at home, we’re wondering: What are you doing all day?

Obviously, for many Philadelphians who are fortunate enough to be healthy and have teleworking as an option, the answer will be “my job.” But even outside of work hours, we’re all spending a lot more time at home these days. And while it may seem impossible now, there’s truly only so much Netflix watching a human can handle.

In an effort to stay inspired, we’re asking you, faithful readers, to show us how you’re creatively passing the time. Are you trying out new recipes? Learning TikTok dances? Teaching your dog new tricks? Creating scavenger hunts for your kids? Building a replica of the city skyline out of Lego?

Do us all a favor: Snap a photo of your activity and email it to with a brief description of how you’re spending your time and “AT HOME IN PHILLY” as the subject line. We’ll collect our favorites and share them right here on