Here’s the Schedule for SEPTA’s Annual Trolley Tunnel Blitz

Center City trolley commuters will need to find a different mode of transportation when the tunnel shuts down for nine days at the end of next week.

septa trolley tunnel blitz

Image via SEPTA/Youtube

SEPTA’s annual trolley tunnel blitz is nigh.

Starting at 10 p.m. next Friday, July 13th, the transportation organization will shut down its five-mile Center City Trolley Tunnel for round-the-clock maintenance work. The closure will last nine days, until 5 a.m. on Monday, July 23rd.

Trolleys will not operate in the tunnel during the shutdown. That means trolley routes 10, 11, 13, 34 and 36 will temporarily divert to 40th and Market streets. From there, customers may transfer to the Market-Frankford Line for service to and from Center City.

Customers can find service information on signs at the 40th Street trolley portal. Tents will be available at 40th and Market streets as a temporary shelter for customers transferring from trolleys to the Market-Frankford Line. Those traveling at night can use the Market-Frankford Line’s weekday night owl bus service or all-night train service on weekends.

For information on your specific route, consider following its Twitter account. Here are the accounts for each route:

During SEPTA’s annual trolley tunnel blitz, crews will work on track, power and station maintenance. This year, SEPTA will work to reduce the noise of trolleys traveling through the tunnel, vacuum and power wash the entire track bed and drainage system, replace track wiring over newly installed rail, remove approximately 15,000 feet of retired steel piping and communication cable on a section of the tunnel between 19th and 30th streets, and perform emergency power backup generator testing throughout the tunnel, among other things.

For more information, visit SEPTA’s website.