It’s Finally About to Feel Like Spring in Philadelphia

At long last! Warmer temperatures are on the way, starting on Thursday.

spring in philly, cherry blossoms

Bryn Mawr College. File photo by aimintang/

Good news for your Wednesday: Spring temperatures are on the way to Philly. (In fact, it might even feel a little like summer this weekend.)

The forecast high temperatures for Wednesday will reach only the mid-50s, but Thursday is a different story: The high is expected to jump to 69 degrees.

Sadly, Thursday will probably be cloudy and windy, and there’s a chance of spotty showers, according to the National Weather Service. But Friday and Saturday will bring the weather we’ve been waiting for.

The NWS says the high will hover around 80 degrees on both days — and the sun will come out on Friday. You’ll definitely want to make plans to be outdoors on Saturday, when the temperature will likely be warmest, and skies will be mostly sunny.

After that, we’re back to true April weather. We’ll likely see a dump of rain on Sunday night into Monday, and highs will return to the 60s, and then the 50s on Tuesday. But we’ll take it, considering the fact that our last warm day (around Easter) was followed by an unpleasant mix of rain, sleet and snow.