Pa. Sen. Scott Wagner Thanks John Oliver for Roasting Him on National TV

Oliver blasted Wagner earlier this week for saying that "warm bodies" cause climate change.

Remember when Republican Pa. Sen. Scott Wagner suggested that heat from human bodies causes climate change? Or that maybe global warming happens because the earth is moving closer to the sun?

John Oliver does. On the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” he skewered Wagner, a gubernatorial hopeful, for his comments.

The segment starts off with Oliver suggesting that constituents research the positions of state and local politicians on global warming – now that President Donald Trump announced that he’ll withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

“You’ll have to find out who they are, but then you will need to find out their position and look, maybe you’ll get lucky – maybe yours is great,” Oliver says. “Or maybe you live in Pennsylvania and you’re represented by state Sen. Scott Wagner, who has an interesting theory for what might be causing global warming.”

Oliver then details Wagner’s theory, which first made headlines in March.

“I don’t even know where to begin there,” Oliver says. “I mean, yes, the Earth does move closer to the sun every year, but then it moves further away from the sun because that is what a f—king year is. Our body heat is not warming the planet, and we are clearly not doing the best we can because we keep putting idiots like Scott Wagner in positions of power.”

Apparently, Wagner wasn’t too happy with Oliver – or was he? We’re not so sure. The senator released a strange, passive-aggressive video yesterday morning, thanking Oliver for helping him “save a million dollars in media advertising.”

“I get the morning paper, and what do I find?” Wagner says in the video. “I find my name is on the front page, and your picture. You actually mentioned my name on your show this past Sunday night at 11. Actually, I was in bed because I had to get up early on Monday morning, but John, listen – I just want to thank you for putting my picture and my name on national TV.”

Wagner then goes on to say that he’s sure all of Oliver’s “super liberal viewers got a big laugh at all of us down here in flyover county in Pennsylvania” and that the two of them could “have a lot of fun” together on Oliver’s show (though somehow I get the idea it wouldn’t be very fun at all).

Here’s the full video from Wagner:

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