The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Raging Bull!

He had a rendezvous with destiny, but he was born to run.

a cow on I-95

The cow on I-95 as photographed by Colleen McCarthy (@SixersChix)

What is it about runaway critters that draws us to them? Whether it’s llamas on the lam in Arizona, Pedals the walking bear, lo, a deer, a female deer in Center City or a bull making a break for freedom from the doorstep of the slaughterhouse to the Vine Street Expressway, animals gone wild always make us root for them. They speak to our own longing for freedom from our humdrum, ordinary lives: If they dare to defy the forces of oppression, why don’t we? So we cheer, and wait, and hope, and then—bam. Fast break over. Bear meets bullet. Deer meets car(cass). Doesn’t anyone around here own a tranquilizer gun? Never mind, bull of our hearts; you’re in a better place now. We’ll hoist a cheesesteak in your memory.

(P.S.—The llamas survived!)

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