Here’s the LeSean McCoy Lawsuit Filed by Two Philly Cops

The police officers are also suing Old City's Recess Lounge, where all hell broke loose last February.

Left: LeSean McCoy in a 2016 photo by Keith Allison (Flickr).

Left: LeSean McCoy in a 2016 photo by Keith Allison (Flickr).

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has declined to press charges against former Eagles player LeSean McCoy after two cops were injured in an Old City bar brawl he was involved in. But that doesn’t mean that McCoy is completely off the hook.

Below, you’ll find the lawsuit that Philadelphia police officers Roland Butler and Darnell Jessie filed against McCoy on Tuesday in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

Also named as defendants: former college football player Tamarcus Porter and a man named Christopher Henderson, both of whom were reportedly involved in the fight, and Recess Lounge, the club where it occurred.

According to the complaint filed in the case, the cops, who were off-duty, and the other men were all in the VIP area of Recess Lounge in the wee hours of February 7th when a dispute broke out over a champagne bottle. Porter reportedly grabbed a bottle of champagne purchased by the off-duty cops, and then Porter and Butler had a disagreement about whose bottle it was.

Then things started to get out of hand.

As the story goes in the lawsuit, Porter punched Butler in the face, knocking him to the ground, and McCoy and Henderson kicked and punched Butler while he was down. Jessie says he tried to pull the men off of Butler and that McCoy punched him in the eye.

Here’s video from the fight:

When all was said and done, the off-duty cops wound up in the hospital. According to the lawsuit, Jessie sustained fractures, lacerations and a concussion, while Butler suffered a broken nose, broken ribs, and a broken thumb. Both men missed about two months of work.

The suit accuses the men of assault and battery, among other offenses.

As for Recess Lounge and an associated business entity, Butler and Jessie maintain that the club was negligent in allowing the fight to occur on its premises. And because the plaintiffs maintain that McCoy and friends were drunk, the suit also invokes the dram shop act, which holds that a bar can be held responsible if someone is injured by a patron who was served too much alcohol.

McCoy’s agent did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Read the full suit below:

Butler and Jessie v. LeSean McCoy et al. by PhiladelphiaMagazine on Scribd