Philly Cops Sue LeSean McCoy Over Bar Fight

The brawl allegedly broke out over an expensive bottle of champagne at the Recess Lounge in February.

LeSean McCoy. (USA Today Sports)

LeSean McCoy. (USA Today Sports)

Two Philly cops have sued former Eagles player LeSean McCoy over an alleged bar fight that took place while the officers were off duty in February, according to ESPN.

McCoy is accused of “viciously” assaulting police officers Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler at the Recess Lounge on February 7th, according to the attorney for the officers, Fortunato N. Perri Jr.

The lawsuit also names former University of Pittsburgh player Tamarcus Porter and Christopher Henderson as defendants, as well as the Recess Lounge, which the officers allege was negligent in failing to stop the assault and in failing to cut off McCoy and his friends from alcohol after they were “visibly intoxicated,” according to ESPN.

The brawl allegedly broke out over an expensive bottle of champagne, according to McCoy’s attorney, Dennis Cogan, who told ESPN that McCoy “did nothing wrong” and “was put through hell for no reason.”

Back in April, Pennsylvania District Attorney Seth Williams declined to criminally charge McCoy on the basis that the office couldn’t determine who had provoked the fight or whether McCoy was acting in self-defense. Williams said members of his office and the Police Department interviewed 27 people and reviewed photos and surveillance and cell phone footage to make the decision.

After the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police requested the Attorney General’s office to review the case, claiming McCoy’s status as an athlete had swayed Williams’s decision, Bruce Castor, the former solicitor general of Pennsylvania, declined to overturn Williams’s decision in July.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $50,000 plus court costs and claims that Jessie and Butler were “forced to undergo hospital treatment and further medical treatment for the pain associated with their injuries,” according to ESPN.

This story has been updated to remove former San Diego Chargers running back Curtis Brinkley from the list of defendants named in the police officers’ suit. Brinkley is not a party to the suit.

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