I-95 Congestion: Huge Accident Northbound, DNC Traffic Southbound

Here's why it's taking forever to get anywhere this morning.

I-95 is clogged this morning, and it’s not (necessarily) just because the Democratic National Convention and all its craziness is unloading today.

A 10-car pile up in the northbound lanes near Cottman Avenue is causing delays, according to 6ABC. There is a lane restriction.

Meanwhile, DNC traffic (as expected) is causing congestion southbound on I-95. And vehicles weighing more than 5 tons are banned on I-95 from the airport to Center City.

Anyone traveling in or around Philadelphia this week should remain aware of road closures and restrictions in place for the DNC. PennDOT has information on how the convention will affect I-95 on its website.

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