DNC Logistics: City Announces Street Closures, FDR Park Layout

And PennDOT announces I-95 travel restrictions.

I-95 at Columbus Blvd

Photo | Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Today, officials released more plans for next month’s Democratic National Convention. The layout of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, which will house most of the protestors descending on the city during the convention, as well as restrictions on I-95 were made public.

FDR Park, which is located across the street from the Wells Fargo Center, home of the DNC, will have six permitted demonstration zones where protesters will have access to water and two misting and first aid tents, according to a statement from city officials. Roads around the park will be closed as well. Pattison Avenue will be closed from 20th to 7th streets, from the evening of Saturday, July 23rd through Friday, July 29th. Broad Street from Packer to Terminal will be closed to vehicular traffic, but the Broad Street Line Station will remain open and the sidewalks will be accessible to pedestrians. The map below outlines the zones of the park, and the streets highlighted in red are closed.

As for I-95, commercial vehicles weighing more than five tons will be prohibited from traveling between Exit 13 and Exit 22 from Saturday, July 23rd at noon through midday Friday, July 29th, according to PennDOT. Motor homes and recreational trailers for personal use will also be barred from traveling on the highway. The I-95 exit ramps at Broad Street will be closed during the convention week.

PennDOT has launched a website specifically to help motorists keep up to date with road closures and traffic during the convention. The site will provide real-time traffic updates, color-coded maps, and other information, and can be accessed in mobile format.