Don’t Panic, But It Could Snow a Lot This Weekend

It's too early for real snowfall predictions, but some models show Philadelphia getting walloped with snow this weekend. Start looking for your shovels.

The first big snowfall of the year could be on the way.

Sure, it snowed yesterday. And though it made for slippery conditions on the roads for a bit — especially in some of the Philadelphia suburbs — we only got more than an inch down the shore. It was good for some snow angels on the boardwalk, but not much else.

But this weekend’s weather could get Philadelphians breaking out the rock salt and shovels for the first time this winter. According to the long-term discussion on the National Weather Service Mt. Holly forecast, “a surface low and upper level trough will lift out of the Southeastern U.S. toward our region.” Though the models do not agree, most solutions “would still result in a widespread snow or rain/snow mix from Friday night into Saturday evening.

There’s still a chance the precipitation heads out to sea and we get nothing, however. The NWS’ Gary Szatkowski tweets that, thanks to the full moon this weekend, it will only take about a 1.5-foot storm surge to cause coastal flooding. This storm could be more than capable of doing that. So pull out your shovels and get ready; Szatkowski says the NWS could have a snowfall total forecast by Wednesday or so.

I’m sorry, did you want scary numbers instead?

Yeah. More than 17 inches of snow. That’s the stuff. Think how many cartons of eggs and loaves of bread you’ll need to get through the weekend!

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