Stephen Colbert Skewered Bob Brady for Stealing the Pope Glass

"Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?" asks Colbert. "What you and Colbert find sick the pope actually found to be amusing," responds Brady's spokesperson.


Ever since we heard that Congressman Bob Brady stole Pope Francis’ water glass in Washington, D.C. last week (in case you missed the only-a-Philadelphia-Congressman-could-do-this story, go here), we thought that this would be the perfect fodder for Stephen Colbert. And on Tuesday night, Colbert proved us correct with a genius skewering of the congressman.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?!” he asked in the segment (the full video appears below). Colbert poked fun at Brady for saying that he was going to ask the Philadelphia Police Department to fingerprint the glass to “prove its authenticity,” since it’s not like the PPD would have the pope’s fingerprints on file. Then Colbert offered to sell Brady a toilet seat “from Madison Square which the pope never touched but was undoubtedly touched by someone who saw the pope.” And he told Brady that he should ask the PPD to “dust it for assprints.” Colbert wrapped up the bit by calling Brady a “sick twist.”

We reached out to Brady spokesperson Ken Smukler for a comment on Colbert’s remarks. Over the weekend, Smukler told us that our readers were “idiots” for being outraged over the pope glass, and so we figured we could expect a colorful comment out of him this time around.

“What u and colbert find sick the pope actually found to be amusing,” wrote Smukler in an email on Wednesday morning. “Guess that’s the difference between one with love in his heart, ones looking for a punch line, and you … then again it may just be a Catholic thing and what would I know about that — I’m jewish.”

OK then.

Watch the full video below and have yourself a good laugh.

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