Wankband Lets You Re-Charge Your Cell Phone With Masturbation Energy

For those who love going green, and who also love masturbation, boy, do we have a new technological gadget for you!

Aptly titled the Wankband, this new device, which is being beta tested by Pornhub, essentially creates power when it is moved in an up-and-down motion. Users strap the bracelet on to their hands before they masturbate, and while doing so, the device’s internal kinetic charger stores the energy created. You can then plug in the device to your favorite cell phone and, voilà! You can now re-charge your phone in a sustainable and green way.

Here’s a video explaining how the device works in a little more detail:


Currently, the developers are seeking beta testers for the device, and you can submit your information to be a candidate here. We have to admit that this is a pretty cool idea, and are curious: Would you use it? (Spoiler alert: I’ve already submitted my info to be a beta tester.)