Philly Bike Share Will Feature Pedal-Powered Lights

New service wants to keep riders safe.

Courtesy: Philly Bike Share

Courtesy: Philly Bike Share

When Philly Bike Share goes online this spring, the bicycles will offer a unique feature: Pedal-powered lights. The idea? Safety.

Newsworks reports:

Pennsylvania law already requires bikers use lights during the night, but Alex Doty, executive director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, said Americans have a cultural blindspot when it comes to bike lights.

“We have a real failure in this country to adequately light up people on bikes,” Doty said. “We focus on helmets, and we don’t focus on the lights. And the lights are a really important part of preventing crashes.”

A 2013 Danish study shows the lights reduce bicycle accidents by 19 percent, Newsworks reports.