Pa. Legislature Might Hold Lame-Duck Session

The better to get GOP legislation passed before Tom Wolf becomes governor.


The Pennsylvania Legislature might hold a lame-duck session before Gov. Tom Corbett’s term expires in January — one last grab at passing GOP-favored legislation before Democrat Tom Wolf replaces Corbett.

PennLive reports:

New Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman said Thursday that he’s not ruling out a lame-duck session during the final two weeks of Gov. Tom Corbett’s term so that lawmakers can push through bills before Gov.-elect Tom Wolf takes office.

“Tom Corbett is governor for four years, not three years and 10 months,” Corman, R-Centre, said in remarks taped for broadcast Sunday on WHP-TV’s “Face the State” program. “We get sworn into office on the first Tuesday [in January] and we might go to work.”

Corman said he’s “looking at the schedule” to determine if there’s enough time for lawmakers to pull off the long-shot legislative session. For the past several years, the Legislature has sworn-off holding lame-duck sessions.

Corman also said that Wolf’s 5 percent severance tax on natural gas drilling will be a “last result” as state government tries to get its fiscal house in order during the next session.