WATCH Mo’ne Davis Throw First Pitch at World Series

Plus, a look inside "Mo'ne Davis Inc."

If you’re noticing that the Mo’ne Davis hype hasn’t died down, you’re not alone. Following last week’s commercial for Chevrolet, USA Today’s Fields of Green blog has taken a look inside “Mo’ne Davis Inc.”

The Fields of Green interviewed Mo’ne and her mother, Lakeisha McLean, at the recent espnW summit in Dana Point, Calif., about how life has changed since the Little League World Series. McLean said she is working to make the most of the opportunities presented to the 13-year-old. She has hired a Philadelphia lawyer and accountant to handle finances, as well as Los Angeles-based agent Delores Robinson to procure and manage business opportunities. Mo’ne’s longtime coach in several sports, Steve Bandura, rounds out her team.

The opportunities have yet to dry up in the aftermath of the Little League World Series. According to McLean, Mo’ne’s schedule is booked with business opportunities through February 2015. But foremost on the minds of everyone in her inner circle is where the NCAA stands on all of this because Mo’ne’s dream is to play basketball at Connecticut. Lakeisha and her advisers work in lock step with the NCAA to ensure that any potential business opportunities or public engagements fall within the organization’s rules for potential student-athletes.

And good news: People are thinking long-term about Davis’s future — and not just from an NCAA-eligibility standpoint. Spike Lee has told reporters publicly that the money Davis earned from the Chevy commercial will go into a trust fund.