WATCH: Mo’ne Davis Commercial Directed by Spike Lee

And she got paid! Don't worry, though: She won't forfeit her eligibility for pitching cars. Mo'ne Davis somehow got the NCAA to let her take money!

Tuesday night during Game 1 of the World Series, Chevrolet debuted a commercial featuring Philadelphia’s Mo’ne Davis, star of the Little League World Series and all-around general cool person who seems to be handling this burst of fame incredibly well. It’s heavy on Philly, including shots of Anderson Yards, Lazaros Pizza (I go there sometimes!) and the skyline. Oh, yeah, and it’s directed by Spike Lee.

I guess when Spike Lee was here to film a documentary on Davis, what he really meant was a commercial. It’s a shame this isn’t a spot for Nike; then we could’ve had a spot with Mo’ne Davis and Mars Blackmon.

But no matter! It’s still pretty cool. Mo’ne Davis is a kid, and you may be wondering if doing this commercial for Chevy — which is also kind of a commercial for Nike, Rawlings and whatever local ads are on the field at Marian Anderson Playground — could compromise her eligibility for intercollegiate athletics.

But it won’t! In January, ESPN reports, the NCAA altered its eligibility standards, allowing not-yet-professional athletes to get paid in certain cases. In effect, the NCAA has granted her a waiver.

“This waiver narrowly extends the rules — which allow Davis to accept the payment and still be eligible in any other sport — to include baseball,” the NCAA said in a statement. “The NCAA staff also considered the historically limited opportunities for women to participate in professional baseball. In addition, Davis is much younger than when the vast majority of the prospect rules apply. While this situation is unusual, the flexible approach utilized in this decision is not.”

Pitching a shutout at the Little League World Series is pretty cool, but getting the NCAA to allow her to take money for a car commercial is Mo’ne Davis’s most impressive feat yet.

Chevrolet also produced a 17-minute spot on Mo’ne Davis, which you can view above.