Philly Monitoring 30 Recent Travelers for Ebola

No confirmed cases. Nobody showing symptoms. But the people being monitored were recently in West Africa.

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Philadelphia health officials are monitoring 30 people in the city for Ebola, NBC 10 reports.

Here’s why you shouldn’t panic: There are no confirmed cases. Nobody has shown symptoms. But the 30 people being monitored have recently traveled to West Africa, and authorities here are acting from an abundance of caution.

The individuals have not been quarantined, but are being monitored over a 21-day period.

Per NBC 10:

Officials with the Philadelphia Health Department confirmed Friday they are monitoring approximately 30 people in the city for the Ebola virus, although none are showing symptoms, since they recently traveled from affected areas.

Philadelphia health officials urge calm, and remind the public that the monitoring is a precautionary measure and there has yet to be a confirmed case of Ebola in the Delaware Valley.

“It is unclear when those being monitored arrived in Philly or how they traveled to the city,” NBC reported. Philadelphia International Airport does not receive direct flights from West Africa, but passengers from West Africa who have arrived at other airports and moved on to different locations are being reported to health departments in those locations.