Ed Rendell Is Using Bedbugs to Fight Brooklyn’s DNC Bid

Ex-Philly mayor says he's just "busting chops."

Well, we owe Ed Rendell an apology.

When Rendell went public earlier this month with his opinion that Brooklyn had the advantage over Philly to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, we teasingly suggested he was aiming to be mayor of New York someday. Turns out Rendell was doing classic Rendell — singling out the biggest bully in the schoolyard for the takedown.

And it’s kind of awesome. The New York Post reports Rendell has been sending DNC committee members negative articles about New York:

One hit job focuses on bedbugs. Another points to the sweltering heat of the subway platforms in summer, when delegates would be here.

Reached by phone, Rendell said he has been lightheartedly busting the city’s chops over a potentially serious problem: transporting thousands of delegates from Manhattan to Barclays Center in Brooklyn during rush hour.

“I think that’s the big weakness with New York City’s bid: the hotels are in one borough, the convention’s in another,” he said.

Nice convention you have there, Democrats. Be a shame if bedbugs bit all your delegates. Honestly, it makes us love Ed Rendell all over again.