Poll: Wolf’s Lead Over Corbett Widens

The Democrat is now 25 points ahead.

This could be the most boring gubernatorial race ever.

A new poll shows Democratic challenger Tom Wolf 25 points ahead of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, with just two months left before the election — favored by 49 percent of poll respondents compared to 24 percent for Corbett. That’s a bigger lead than most polls that have shown the Democrat about 20 points ahead.

The Patriot-News reports:

Poll director G. Terry Madonna said it makes sense that, despite an aggressive ad campaign from Corbett’s camp over the past couple months, the numbers have remained about the same.

“The answer is pretty clear now,” he said. “The voters have made a decision about Corbett and he hasn’t been able to change the narrative.”

“What I will say is he faces an uphill challenge the likes of which no incumbent governor [in Pennsylvania] in modern history has ever faced,” Madonna said.

Just 67 days to the election.