$1 Million Grant Will Pay to Trap, Neuter Philly’s Feral Cats

Up to 12,000 felines targeted by the program.


There are thousands of feral cats roaming this city, mating and meowing and living in the shadows of polite society. But polite society is coming for them.

Newsworks reports that Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team is getting a $1 million grant to capture and neuter roughly 12,000 wild cats over three years. The grant comes from Best Friends Animal Society; Holly Sizemore is their spokeswoman:

“People love these cats, a lot of people feed these cats,” said Sizemore. “They just don’t have the ability to trap them, get them spayed and neutered and vaccinated and then put them back out. What we’ll be doing is going out into the community and really working to provide these services.”

Susan Cosby, executive director of Animal Care and Control Team, said the program will make a big difference.

“They’re actually going to be providing, over three years, assistance for up to 12,000 cats in our city, which will have a tremendous impact on reducing the number of cats coming into the shelter and then helping us be more effective as a shelter and a community in taking care of the cats in need,” Cosby said.

The experts say the program should result, over time, in dramatically fewer cats being placed in shelters. Germantown, North and West Philadelphia will be targeted for the program.