Report: Tom Wolf Has Already Won Next Tuesday’s Election

Pollsters say nobody's ever lost this big a lead, this late.

AP reports that at least three polls show Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Wolf up by 20 points, making him a shoo-in to win next week’s primary election.

Overcoming such a large deficit is certainly possible, but pollsters Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College and Christopher Borick of Muhlenberg College say they can’t recall anyone mounting such a dramatic comeback in modern Pennsylvania politics in such a short period of time,” the wire service reports. “They acknowledge, however, it’s more difficult to produce an accurate poll when voter turnout is low.”

That last sentence is just super-dooper caution at work: Turnouts are always low for gubernatorial primaries. Which means the example of “it’s never happened before” is still in play—something could change. But probably it won’t. We’re running out of time for surprises to matter.