Kane Will Turn Over Sting Files, After All

Says "issues have been resolved" with D.A. Seth Williams.

After double-dog daring Seth Williams to prosecute the now-legendarily abandoned sting case involving Philly Democrats — and then appearing to take back the offer over the weekendPennsyvlania Attorney General Kathleen Kane said late Tuesday she’ll turn the case to Williams after all.

Really. She means it this time.

CBS Philly reports: “But when Williams agreed to do (prosecute the case), she did not turn the files over immediately. A spokesman says, however, evidence in the sting will be transferred to the DA’s office this week now that, as he puts it, “issues have been resolved by the DA.”

The Inky adds: “Kane spokesman J.J. Abbott said the case file will be transferred to District Attorney Seth Williams sometime this week. … Several political and legal analysts have said they believe Kane faced a risk in handing the case over to the District Attorney’s Office, where the prosecutors who ran the investigation now work. A successful prosecution by Williams, or a scenario in which the district attorney makes public dramatic audio and video of legislators taking money could be politically embarrassing for Kane’s administration, they said.”