Kathleen Kane Just Turned The Abandoned Sting Case Into a Double-Dog Dare

She calls on Seth Williams to prosecute, if he likes it so much.

The abandoned sting case — and it’s going to be with us awhile, now, clearly, so let’s come up with a clever name for it — just took a delightful turn: Attorney General Kathleen Kane basically just dared District Attorney Seth Williams, one of her loudest critics in the matter, to prosecute the case if he thinks it’s so great.

We have video:

The Inky reports:

In a letter sent Wednesday to Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, Kane said “any law enforcement agency interested in taking this case should do so.” She added: “I invite you to contact our office to set up a time to accept the evidence.”

Williams wrote back within hours, asking the attorney general to hand over all of the original evidence as well as any internal memos, letters and e-mails from her office pertaining to the case.


Seriously, this whole thing is starting to feel a bit “Bonfire of the Vanities,” what with its mix of race, corruption, money, lawsuit threats, and sheer pissing-match egotism. Mark this: Kane’s ultimatum is the moment “The Sting” moved beyond run-of-the-mill political scandal to a whole new plane: The kind of giddily absurd urban farce they’ll be making Bradley Cooper movies about 30 years from now. It’s all just so amazingly glorious. Thank you, everyone, for doing your part to make it happen.