Teachers, Activists Aim to Dissolve SRC

Want ballot question to replace Philly schools administration.

KYW Radio reports that the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and its allies are seeking a November ballot question that would dissolve the School Resource Commission. The SRC — features a mix of state and city appointees, with a majority appointed by the governor — has been in existence since 2001, when it was created during a state takeover of Philadelphia schools.

PFT president Jerry Jordan points to a survey of 3,000 Philadelphians, 97 percent of whom prefer a locally controlled school board to the SRC. Jordan says “state control has failed miserably.”

“Under their watch, our district’s deficit has grown to an unprecedented level,” Jordan said.

The November ballot question would be nonbinding, however. “I would interpret this as the beginning of a very important conversation,” said State Sen. Vincent Hughes.