Lions Fan Says He Was Beaten After Eagles Game

Not good, if true.

A Lions fan says he was beaten unconscious by Eagles fans after Sunday’s game. “The Lions fans, who is a resident of Philadelphia and chose to not be identified, claims that a group of Eagles fans began to harass him by throwing snow balls at him after the game ended. After trying to ignore it, however, the fans reportedly crossed over Pattison avenue and approached him– which is when things allegedly got physical.” But there was some not-horrible news:

The victim went on to say that it was an Eagles’ fan who came to his aid. In fact, the victim says the man who helped him threw his own Eagles jersey in the trash because he was “disgusted” with what the group of fans did.

Fox 29 talked to the man here. 

Writer Eliot Shorr-Parks writes: “The story — if true — is a black-eye on what was one of the best days for this city and the Eagles franchise in some time. “