Philadelphia’s Millennial Revolution

From work and politics to marriage and race, Philly's millennials weigh in—in their own words—on the biggest issues they're facing today, and why their impact in the city is just beginning.

philadelphia millenials collage

Photography by Chris Sembrot

That’s right, revolution. More than four out of 10 residents in Greater Center City are between the ages of 18 and 34—and they’re only growing in number. You’ve read plenty about what everyone else thinks of millennials (entitled! Narcissistic!), but what do they have to say for themselves? Here, a new Philly generation weighs in on everything from work and marriage to politics and race, and lays out all the reasons its impact on the city is only beginning.

>>Because We’re Committed to the City
>>Because We’d Rather Be Our Own Boss
>>Because Singlehood Is Better Than Ever
>>Because Diversity Isn’t Just a Nice Idea
>>Because Our Style Is DIY
>>Because Gay Equality is a Value
>>Because We Want to Create
>>Because We Have the Potential to Change Politics

>>Ask a Millennial: Why Did You Choose Philly?
>>Ask a Millennial: What’s the Best/Worst Thing About Philly?
>>Ask a Millennial: What Do You Worry About the Most?