Matthew Perry to Speak at Penn

Tickets are going for...$5.


Matthew Perry will take his traveling redemption tour to Penn in early November, where he’ll talk to students about substance abuse, substance abuse recovery, and oh yes, his career. But most off all, the abuse!

“One of the issues we think is really important and not talked about a lot on a college campus is binge drinking and alcoholism,” [Social Planning and Events Committee chair Jason] Fernandes said. “They’re often ignored because it’s part of college life.”

Tickets are going for $5, which is either an indication of a great rate you can only get at a university’s “Fall Connaissance Speech” or Matthew Perry’s declining stock price, or both. Either way, I may go just to yell: “Bring Back Studio 60 on Sunset Strip!” and then run out to dance in a fountain on campus.

Talk on November 6th at 8 p.m. in Irvine Auditorium. Tix here.