Nutter Really, Really Gunning for That US-American Merger

Sends pleading letter to A.G. Eric Holder.

In light of U.S. Airways’s declining profits–related to preparations for its proposed merger with American Airlines–Michael Nutter has co-signed a letter to U.S. Attorney General urging him to let said merger go through. The Justice Department is currently suing to block the merger on anti-trust grounds. The letter read, in part:

“Without this merger, American and US Airways will be at a permanent competitive disadvantage to Delta and United, each of which has been allowed to build superior route networks through mergers that were cleared by the Justice Department, the latter under your watch,” the letter added further down.

Zing. Seriously, DOJ–y’all can’t be doing favorS for Newark, N.J., and leaving U.S. Airways hubs like Philly out in the cold. Five other mayors, including Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, put their John Hancocks on the parchment.