New iPhone 5S Photos Leak Days Before Official Apple Conference

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to reveal its newest version of the iPhone, much to the fanfare of fanboys everywhere. Most logically called the “5S,” industry experts and suppliers suspect that the device will be the first sold with iOS 7 installed, allowing for features like automatic app updates on the phone.

But thanks to Sonny Dickson, an Australian teen known for bursting Apple’s bubble shortly before company announcements, we also know that the phones likely will include a fingerprint-scanning lock screen rather than the tawdry four-digit-code we’re used to. Dickson leaked the info and photos this past Thursday, saying that the phone’s new shape “could have a whole lot to do with the rumored biometric fingerprint scanner that numerous pundits and analysts have predicted.”

Oh, and the color scheme? Forget that old monochrome color set, Apple is rumored to be offering its newest device in luxurious gold as a way to appeal to the burgeoning Chinese economy.

Besides the überphone Dickinson is promising from the tech giant, Apple also is expected to offer up a much less expensive (and less feature-filled) version of the iPhone in an apparent attempt to address the massive market share Android-based devices have gobbled up.

Lots of speculation for now, but Tim Cook will clear it all up tomorrow. You can live stream the event from Apple’s site starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time (1 p.m. Eastern). [HuffPo]