Cory Booker Expected to Win Today’s N.J. Senate Primary

Today, in all likelihood, Cory Booker will with the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, then go on to win the seat itself—transforming himself from a superhero mayor into (a more charismatic, admittedly) just one of 100 guys who want to be president.

At Time, Jay Newton-Small questions whether the Senate is the right place for Booker:

Now consider the U.S. Senate. Retail politics is a skill wasted in that stuffy chamber, where senators only have to go out and touch real people – er, shake hands with their constituents – once every six years. Senators don’t fix potholes. Never mind flaming buildings–they rarely even kiss babies. Senators spend their days in meetings: with lobbyists, with interest groups, with other senators, with the administration, with fundraisers and with their leadership. They’re inside operators.

In other words, Booker’s frenetic energy and love of real-world interactions are far better suited for a big city like Newark. Or Iowa or New Hampshire, and the other stomping grounds of a presidential candidate, something the ambitious Booker likely aspires to be someday.

Can’t wait for that Booker-Christie matchup for the White House in 2020. New Jersey is going to be the last name in national politics!