WATCH: Straight Guy Twerks with Philly Gays During Pride

An Ocean County College student rounds up some of the Gayborhood's most colorful residents for an on-camera gab fest.

Just came across this great man-on-the-street vid filmed during this weekend’s Pride celebration in the Gayborhood by Ocean County College student and energized ally Evan Burdette. It gets off to a hilarious start when he interviews his first subject while two bear-sized men partake in some serious PDA in the background at Uncles U Bar. That sets the tone for a series of candid interviews with other locals, who talk about everything from their favorite part about being gay (“ummm, fucking boys”) and Amanda Bynes bush. Oh, and the part where one guy all but pulls down the blushing interviewers pants to examine his toosh is classic. See it all for yourself below.

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