“Topless Moira” is Back in Town

“Topless Moira”—a 30-year-old Philly native who has gained a measure of fame by strolling bare-chested through New York—has brought her activism home. Columnist Ronnie Polaneczky caught up with her for today’s Daily News cover story.

Q: First things first: Is it OK for me to look at your breasts? Or is this one of those, “Yo, my eyes are up here!” situations?

A: I don’t mind if people look. I know this is out of the ordinary.

Q: Are there any places you won’t go topless?

A: I’ll pretty much go topless any place where it’s legal for a man to be topless. I carry Mace, but generally I feel safe. If anything, people act a little scared of me. I think any potential predator thinks, whoa, that’s a little too obvious. I’m almost too visible.

Indeed, when I’ve seen Moira walking around the Rittenhouse area, she’s almost always followed by a small crowd of grinning, picture-taking doofus men. The predators may not be attacking her, but they’re still acting pretty skeevy toward her. Ugh.