Philly’s “Real World House” to Become Gourmet Food Store

Liz Spikol, our colleague at the Property blog, has the latest on what’s become of the “Real World House” at 3rd and Arch, where the reality TV show filmed years ago and has left a sour taste of neighborhood residents ever since.

Perhaps a new use for the building will banish bad memories. A few days ago, DAS Architects’ David Schultz went before the Historic Commission to present plans that would convert what is now a two-story space into a three-story space for a gourmet food store. From PlanPhilly:

The effort includes installing a small roof deck on the northern half of the building, set some 70 feet back from the facade; altering the sidewalk from concrete to bluestone; adding a chiller to the roof; and adding a new elevator and ramp to meet accessibility requirements.

The Commission approved the changes, paving the way for the building to return to its original purpose, when, in the early 20th century, it was an integral part of a thriving wholesale food marketplace. Pun intended, of course.