Here’s The Store Where You’re Guaranteed* To Buy A Winning Lottery Ticket

MyFoxPhilly reports that the Hess Express on Route 309 in Lehigh County has sold three winning lottery tickets during the last three months: A $371,000 Cash 5 ticket in February, a $1 million Powerball ticket in March, and now a $2 million ticket—so far unclaimed—also in Powerball. it’s just a hunch that the place will probably see a huge uptick in business before the next drawing.

The Express-Times reports that the Hess Express collects $10,000 for issuing the winning ticket.  “We’re incredibly excited for both winners. We pride ourselves on being a place where customers feel welcome to come in and purchase lottery tickets,” Hess Corp. spokesman Danny Moynihan said. “Our store’s on a hot streak. … We invite others to come on in.”

*Hahahaha! No! NO! The only guarantee that comes from playing the lottery is that you’re probably going to lose a lot more money than you win. You’re welcome to make the trip, but you have only yourself to blame if you lose, whenyou lose.