Comcast Is Only America’s Third-Worst Company

Last week, we told you that Comcast was destroying its competition in Consumerist’s Worst Company In America bracket contest. Now for the update: Comcast isn’t the worst company! That’s Electronic Arts, the game-making company, criticized for overpriced, under-imaginative games. Which, to be honest, makes no sense: EA has a lot of sway in the games industry, but you can easily buy games that aren’t EA games. Same for Bank of America, which came in second place: There are other places to bank.

The third- and fourth-place finishers, though, are a little more unavoidable: If you want Internet in Philadelphia—or many other cities—you pretty much have to write Comcast a check. If you want to go to a concert, it’s almost certain that fourth-place finisher Ticketmaster will be involved. You’d think that ubiquity would make Comcast and Ticketmaster more loathed than their competitors.

But it’s just one year! They’ll do it again next year. And it seems a certainty that Comcast will rank high on the list, once again. Nobody has ever loved their cable company, ever.