Do Party Buses Make Old City Seem Like A Big Frathouse?

The Inquirer reports that Police Capt. Brian Korn wants to put some Old City party bus freaks on a leash, saying the alcohol-fueled bus rides through that venerable, not-at-all alcohol-fueled portion of Philadelphia creates a fratty atmosphere. Really.”This lends itself to an ‘Animal House’ atmosphere, which of course is not a very inviting atmosphere for the non-fraternity type of visitors Old City businesses like to attract,” Korn said in a letter to the director of the Old City Special Service District. The story doesn’t suggest the city is ready to take further action against revelers , describing Korn’s letter as basically a “warning shot” to businesses that cater to the party bus crowd. It’s sad. We’d never associated Old City with “Drunk Frat Boys” until now.