Disgruntled Ex-Employee Launches Vindictive Anti-Butkovitz Website

Hellish Kafkaesque bureaucracy meets “Office Space” revenge fantasy in the latest news to come out of the increasingly contentious battle for City Controller. Already, no fewer than four candidates appear to be challenging incumbent Alan Butkovitz, who himself is eyeing the mayor’s seat in 2015. And that’s not including “Anybody But Butkovitz,” the favored Controller of one disgruntled Rafael “Ralph” Kaplan. Kaplan, 34, landed a “dream job” as an auditor last year under Butkovitz, but was fired after delivering an expletive-laden review of an apparently substandard seminar put on by the office. Now that he’s gone, he’s created “therealalanbutkovtiz.com“, which as the Inky puts it, “includes detailed media accounts of Kaplan’s dismissal, and a bizarre internal investigation of a homophobic slur on a men’s -room stall.” And a great photoshopped image of Butkovitz with a Pinocchio  nose.

As a former employee of Alan Butkovitz, I am here to inform you of the sad reality that what Butkovitz is actually promoting is dishonesty, violation of employee civil rights, greed, nepotism, and abuse of City tax dollars.  In the following stories, I will share my inside knowledge with you and expose the truth about the real Alan Butkovitz.

I hope he runs (and wins) Controller, if only because I’m worried about the poor guy’s future hiring prospects, post-angry website launch. That said, the “Office Space” guy found great success by completely blowing off and insulting his boss at every turn. Good luck to you, Ralph. [Inquirer]