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Bad Government

City Life

American Government? What a Waste.

I understand that Republican leaders in Congress are working to repeal Obamacare. What a splendid idea that is: to try to rid the country of […]

City Life

My Life of (Hoodie) Crime

I must have been busy vacuuming pine needles out of the carpet all last week, because somehow I completely missed the news that an Oklahoma […]

City Life

Montco Township Facing $3.2 Million Deficit

Franconia Township, in Montgomery County near the border with Bucks, recently told its residents it had racked up $3.2 million in budget deficits since 2011. […]

City Life

Delaware Casino Bailout Stinks

  Something stinks in Delaware and it’s not just the horseshoe crabs decaying on the beaches of the Delaware Bay. It is the bailout of […]

City Life

It’s One Year After Edward Snowden and Philly’s All Too Happy Living in a Surveillance State

Philly, it’s about time you exercised your rights and told government enough was enough.  Instead of actually solving the schools crisis, your government seems more […]

PGW sign
City Life

Sam Katz Is Right: It’s Time for Philly to Get Creative and Privatize

Sam Katz is right. In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece, he urged “creative solutions” to the city’s funding crises. Among his recommendations were the passing of an […]

nutter avi property tax
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Candy Factory Owner: Mayor Nutter Ruins Easter for Philadelphia’s Children

The City of Philadelphia shut down Blasius Chocolate Factory on Wednesday over a tax dispute. The 88-year-old candy company’s owner, Philip Kerwick, says he has […]

"Justice" engraved on Philadelphia's City Hall
City Life

City Council Has an Ethics Committee! (But It Never, Ever Meets)

Philadelphia is one of the most corrupt major cities this side of Lagos. From the ABSCAM convictions in 1981 to Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown’s 2013 admission […]


Did Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown Really Think She Could Get Away With This?

Earlier this week, local blogger Christopher Sawyer published a solicitation letter from Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, in which she clearly attempts to drum up business […]

City Life

Five Reasons Ending Philadelphia’s “Resign to Run” Law Would Be Bad for the City

We gave politicians the right to be corrupt. We did it when we gave them the power to pass legislation that benefits no one but […]

City Life

Can Someone Help James Dupree?
And Let’s Fix Eminent Domain
While We’re at It.

Would someone please help James Dupree already? For weeks I’ve been following his story.  Hopefully you know it by now.  In case you don’t, he’s […]

City Life

As Promised, Welcome to Chris Christie Scandal No. 3

Don’t you hate when people say “I hate to say I told you so” — when you know at that moment there is nothing they […]

City Life

Philly’s 20 Biggest Losers of 2013

Each year, I ask my colleagues, friends (yes, I actually have some!), and in-the-know Philadelphians for nominations for my Biggest Losers list, showcasing the region’s […]

police car
City Life

Don’t Clench Your Butt in Front of These Cops

I’ve spent nearly a decade investigating and reporting on the fallout from America’s inexpedient and misguided “War on Drugs.” I’ve talked to people who’ve spent […]


Chris Goldstein Is the Federal Government’s Next Marijuana Martyr

Philly NORML co-chair Chris Goldstein very well may be going to jail in the new year, and, to him, it’s all over an act of […]