American Government? What a Waste.

As Congress tries for the 61st time to repeal Obamacare, it's become clear: It isn't serving the people; it's just trying to self-perpetuate.

I understand that Republican leaders in Congress are working to repeal Obamacare. What a splendid idea that is: to try to rid the country of a law that, while it has its flaws (mostly, it doesn’t go far enough), by all credible accounts is working remarkably well. This is their 61st attempt to jettison the health-care legislation. Way back in July of 2012, Nancy Pelosi tweeted that House Republicans had thus far devoted 88 hours and 53 minutes to trying to kill Obamacare. Can you imagine what that total is now, three and a quarter years later?

The new candidate for Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, is in trouble with the Republican Party for telling the absolute truth about the Benghazi hearings — that they are and always have been a politically motivated campaign to destroy Hillary Clinton. Go ahead and wade through the reports from the Select Committee on Benghazi, which has been tying up legislators since May of 2014. Not to mention the reports from the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, plus five different House committees, and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Is this how you want your lawmakers spending their time?

Oh, and how about the Planned Parenthood witch hunt? This year’s, I mean; not the previous efforts to defund the women’s health-care organization. Never mind that Republicans are willing to lie again and again to serve their interests. Oh, and they might shut the government down again. Because that went so well for them last time.

Do other governments work — or rather, not work — this way?

It’s not just the Republicans, either. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for a government shutdown over gun control. Harry Reid isn’t above a filibuster. Couldn’t we have a government that instead of shutting down over matters it disagrees about, works to resolve its differences? That seeks — and finds — compromise?  Instead, our two political parties are further apart than ever before, and show no signs whatsoever of acting like grown-ups and getting anything substantive done.

We the people don’t want this crapola over and over again. We hate Congress. We mistrust it more than we mistrust banks and big business, for God’s sake. How low can you go? And the more we know about Congress, the more we hate on it. Congress, you suck! A plague on both your houses!

If only there were a reset button for American government — a way to rid ourselves of all those in power — and those who paid for them to get there — and start over again. You know what we the people do believe in — a whopping 80 percent of us, regardless of political party? Term limits for Congress. (You know who doesn’t? Congressional aides and corporate lobbyists.) Try having a national referendum on that, you scoundrels and bums. My kids got along better when they were toddlers than you guys do. Get on the stick, or we’ll send the lot of you to the timeout chair.

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