GPFFL Commish Stepping Down

Wayne Knaub's letter to the flag football league

Dear GPFFL Members,

I am officially withdrawing from the commissioner election for GPFFL. This was a very difficult decision for me after spending three wonderful years in this role, but I feel it’s time for someone else to take the lead. I will be finding out later today if I won my election for the National Gay Flag Football League board but win or lose, I am still not seeking reelection for GPFFL. Last year, Scott Dinkins encouraged me to throw my hat in the ring for the NGFFL so that Philadelphia has strong representation on the national level. This year, I participated in the NGFFL Gay Bowl Task Force which created a true A and B division – which our Revolution got 2nd place in the B division and had a much more competitive experience than we have in the past.

I spoke separately with both commissioner candidates last night because I wanted them to hear this directly from me rather than reading it online. The conversations confirmed for me that my decision is the right one – you have two very passionate and capable candidates to choose from who both a true love for the league. I offer no endorsements for either candidate. Justin (Dolci) worked closely with me for three years and was very influential in the growth of this league. Tommy (Tom Bowles), my little honey badger, has grown as a leader so much over the past couple of years since he joined the league. I am immensely proud of both men and wish them both much luck in this race.

I also offered them my assistance in not only transitioning leadership but also ongoing support in an advisory role.
In a survey during my time as commissioner, someone said “the GPFFL was the catalyst for changing things in my life” … that validates all of the hard work I’ve put into this organization over the past three years. I’m so proud to say that during my time as commissioner we grew from a pick-up league to 10 teams. We went from having no bank
account to a strong and healthy financial position. Your league fees are half of the total cost per player because of our strong sponsorships. We went from being just a group of guys who play football into a large extended family of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and straight allies. You may sometimes catch me smiling to myself on a Saturday while watching other teams play because I am so proud of this organization and so happy that each one of you has come into my life.

I ask all members to attend the annual meeting and support both Tom and Justin in their pursuit of taking this league to the next level. Whether the candidate you support wins or loses, both strongly support the mission of the league and the winner of the election will need the help of each and every one of you to continue to grow this league. Whether you’re competing in league play or Revolution games, when the final whistle blows at the end of the game, make sure you leave whatever disappointment or anger you have for another player on the field. Genuinely, shake each other’s hands when you go thru the line up. When you do a cheer for the other team after the game, mean what you say. Try to see the bigger picture that this league is the place where you met some of your closest friends and chosen family.

I look forward to supporting the new league leadership as they take the GPFFL to the next level and I really look forward to playing some football in the spring.


Wayne Knaub

Please note: Members of the GPFFL are encouraged to attend the GPFFL Annual Meeting on Monday, December 10, when both candidates will be present to provide brief remarks. If you will not be able to attend, please contact Matt Pitucco ( by December 5 to receive an absentee ballot.