Celeb Scoop: Bradley Cooper’s “A-Team” Bag Blows His Cover!

It’s Either Bradley Cooper…or Mr. T. A photographer caught Bradley Cooper trying to go all incognito on the NYC subway, with his glasses on, hat down, and collar up. The problem? That damn “A-Team” backpack at his feet. D’oh! [Daily Mail]

Fred Goldman Insists OJ Was the Killer. Wow, don’t those names give you a ’90s flashback? Despite the recent claim by a Florida serial killer on death row that he’s the one who murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, Ron’s dad isn’t buying it. Fred Goldman says OJ is the evil one, and that the “confession” is just BS to promote a new Discovery Channel show. [TMZ]

Selena and Justin, Back Together Again? Check out this photo of the ex-couple looking kinda friendly after last night’s American Music Awards. Not exactly canoodling, but definitely arm intertwining. [People.com]

Did 27 Animals Die During the Making of The Hobbit? That’s what animal wranglers involved in the making of the movie  say — largely because the critters were kept at a farm filled with bluffs, sinkholes and other “death traps.” Ouch. [Page Six]

New Twilight Movie Kills Lincoln at  the Box Office This Weekend. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 pulled in a boffo $141 million this weekend — eighth all time and fourth in 2012. Spielberg’s new Lincoln didn’t do badly, though — finishing third after Skyfall. [Box Office Mojo]