Don’t Let Romney Turn Back Time

Kathy Griffin and Cher have an important message this Election Day

Cher and Kathy Griffin say: Don't let Romney turn back time on LGBT and women's rights

Don’t let Mitt Romney turn back time. That’s the message that comedian Kathy Griffin and music superstar Cher are sending to voters this Election Day. “I’m looking at you, gays,” says Griffin – as the duo invite voters to consider how a Romney win could impact not only the LGBT community, but also women’s rights, health and the economy – you know – issues like fair pay.

And all the talk about what’s “legitimate” rape in this country? “Sick stuff,” says Cher.

“This is not the election to be complacent,” adds Griffin. They both remind us about the importance of casting a vote on the right side of history – and why we should be encouraging our friends and loved ones to do the same. Sure, we may all be pretty tired of all the campaign ads and robo-calls (we have a voice mail system flooded with them), but when it comes down to what these two say about the future of America, we couldn’t agree more.

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