Internet Loves Mitt Romney’s “Binder Full of Women” Comment

Plus: Obama won the debate in the spin room, a woman gives birth on the Broad Street Line, deer meat tacos for Philly's homeless, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Obama Wins Debate in Spin Room? A back-and-forth second presidential debate marked by little moderation, multiple interruptions, rule violations, and the candidates’ refusal to move from topic to topic seemed pretty even to many pundits. After the debate, though, Republican campaign advisers conceded that Obama had a stronger showing than the first time out and Obama surrogates made sure to start the spin cycle early. [USA Today]

Mitt Romney’s Binder Full of Women. When responding to a question about equal pay for women during the debate, Mitt Romney mentioned that he had a “binder full of women” that he used to hire female, senior level staffers when he became the governor of Massachusetts. The Internet took that phrase and ran with it (though, our Joel Mathis says that’s hardly what liberals should focus on). There’s a Twitter, a Tumblr, a Facebook page, and an account of what actually happened with Mitt’s binder. [Daily Beast]

Woman Gives Birth on the Broad Street Line. On Tuesday, SEPTA employees saw their duties expand a bit when a woman gave birth while on a Broad Street Line train. She went up to one of the SEPTA workers with her baby in her arms, umbilical cord still attached. A SEPTA police officer wrapped the baby in a blanket and called medics. Everyone on the train congratulated the woman and took pictures of her and her newborn son. [CBS 3]

Deer Meat Tacos for the Homeless. Hunt.Fish.Feed—a program sponsored by Comcast and other organizations—feeds the homeless with meat donated by hunters and fishermen. The Mule Deer Foundation has donated more than 100 pounds of deer meat that will be turned into venison tacos for the Hunt.Fish.Feed event in Philadelphia at Saint John’s Hospice in Center City. [Daily News]

Maine Earthquake Shakes New England. A 4.0 magnitude earthquake shook New England on Tuesday night. The quake’s epicenter was just west of Portland. It was felt as far south as Connecticut, but no injuries or damages have been reported. [6 ABC]

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Law Goes to Corbett. State legislators have passed a bill that will limit the legal work hours of children on reality television shows filmed in Pennsylvania. The law comes after concerns arose over the ’round-the-clock shooting schedule of Jon & Kate Plus 8 in Berks County. Governor Corbett is expected to sign the bill into law. [Inquirer]

‘Burbs Lead Philly in Fast-Growth Companies. A new interactive map from the folks at the Kauffman Foundation demonstrates that Philly lags behind its ‘burbs and other East Coast cities in producing fast-growth companies. [Technically Philly]