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Mitt Romney

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These Tweets Show Why Sean Hannity Is Dead Wrong About Election Fraud in Philly

After conservative political commentator Sean Hannity offhandedly suggested on Twitter that something dubious had happened in the 2012 election in Philadelphia because not a single person in 59 voting divisions […]

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WATCH THIS: Jimmy Fallon Nails Mitt Romney on The Tonight Show

If you need a morning chuckle, this clip from The Tonight Show will surely give you one, even if your laugh is of the fake Mitt Romney […]

City Life

50 Things About Wawa for Wawa’s 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago today, the first Wawa opened at the corner of MacDade Blvd. and Swarthmore Ave. in Folsom, Pennsylvania. Today, you can get free […]

City Life

Book: Chris Christie Is Awesome, According to Chris Christie

The NYT reports today on a new book by Dan Balz, a veteran reporter, about the 2012 election. It apparently focuses a bit on Chris […]

City Life

New Data Says Pennsylvania Might Be GOP’s Best Hope in 2016

On the eve of the presidential election, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan used a large rally in Bucks County, among other political ephemera, as […]

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Romney and Obama Will Meet Again Today in Boston for Marathon Service

At 11 a.m. this morning, at the historic Cathedral of the Holy Cross, both Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will attend an […]

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2013 CPAC Isn’t All Tea Party and Sarah Palin

  For the next three days, conservative pundits, patrons and politicians will be gathered outside Washington D.C. for their first major powwow since Mitt Romney lost […]

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Justin Bieber Collapses on Stage, Extending a Most Terrible Week

Today in Bieber news: As if whining about his circus-themed birthday party, arriving way late for a concert, and preening around idiotically without a shirt […]

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Video: In First Post-Election Interview, Mitt Romney Addresses iPhone Pictures of his Mussed Hair

The twice-felled presidential candidate sat down with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace yesterday, once with his wife, once solo. This is the first time we’ve […]

City Life

Political Operatives Mourn as Inventor of Etch-a-Sketch Dies

Yesterday, Andre Cassagnes, the 86-year-old inventor of the Etch-A-Sketch, died in his home outside Paris. Of complications from learning that his invention did not ultimately […]

City Life

Presenting “Son of Romney: Will A Romney Runs for Office Again?”

Heeeeeeeere’s Romney! Not the one you’re so sick of, but the one you’re gonna be sick of: Taggggg! Massachusetts has an open Senate seat, vacated […]

City Life

Mitt Romney Got Marginally More Philly Votes Than We Thought

When it was reported last month that Mitt Romney received zero votes in 59 Philadelphia voting precincts, liberals chortled and conservatives cried voter fraud. No […]

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After Lunch, President Obama Should Steal Mitt’s Ideas

President Obama and Mitt Romney had lunch together on Thursday, and let’s be honest: The whole thing was for show. That’s OK! Some shows are […]

City Life

President Obama’s Hypocritical New Drone Assassination Rules

Now that President Obama’s re-election is safely in the bag, is it OK for grumpy liberals to start criticizing him again? It is? OK then! […]

City Life

Three Ways Republicans Can Suck Less

So, Republicans, you lost to President Obama. How are you going to win the next election? Yes, two weeks have passed since the election, and […]