Book: Chris Christie Is Awesome, According to Chris Christie

The NYT reports today on a new book by Dan Balz, a veteran reporter, about the 2012 election. It apparently focuses a bit on Chris Christie’s ultimate decision not to run, but in so doing reveals the New Jersey governor’s, uh, self-regard. “It is hardly unusual for a politician to have an outsized ego,” the Times says in its overview of the book, “but Mr. Christie lacks the masking subtlety possessed by many in his business.”

Like when he endorsed Mitt Romney, for example:

Asked by Mr. Balz if he viewed his ultimate decision to forgo a race as “a gift” to Mr. Romney, Mr. Christie said no, then declared: “The enormous gift was the next week.”

“When I looked puzzled, he reminded me that he had endorsed Romney the following week,” writes Mr. Balz, adding that Mr. Christie said, “I wouldn’t have used the word ‘gift,’ but since you did, it seems to fit, it seems appropriate.”

After Mr. Christie said he did not want any favors or campaign titles in return, Mr. Romney turned to his wife and said, “Wow, Christmas in October.”

Turning back to Mr. Christie, Mr. Romney said, “Governor, you don’t know how important and big this is.”

To which Mr. Christie said, “I do.”

There are other examples. At this point, it feels like Christie is just the political equivalent of one of those professional wrestlers who spends his time in public preening about how beautiful he is. It’s awesome, it’s entertaining, but, you know, God help us all.