VIDEO: Rocker Throws Mic Stands Into Crowd at Six Flags Concert

Rock and roll is dead. Instead of going on drug-fueled, late-night tours of America’s shithole after hours joints and throwing televisions through hotel windows, today’s musicians are hospitalized for exhaustion and make promotional appearances at department stores in incredibly remote locations because the Internet tells them to. But, in this bleak, post-apocalyptic musical landscape, one man stands for all that once was. He stands alone in his fight against the mainstream, autotune, Radio Disney, wussification (h/t: Ed Rendell) of American rock music. His name is Ronnie Radke and he’s the 28-year-old frontman of the the post-hardcore band Falling in Reverse. Radke was recently arrested for throwing mic stands into the crowd during a concert at Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure. Because, really, nothing quite says “fuck the establishment” like hurling a metal object into a crowd of people in Frontier Adventures between the log flume and the BIZARRO stand. \m/ \m/

Radke was arrested after the concert on Saturday and charged with simple and aggravated assault. A 16-year-old girl was struck on the head and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. A second victim received medical attention at the scene. A Six Flags rep says you can forget about a second metal show at the park. [Asbury Park Press]