Who We Love: Kameron Slade

The fifth grader speaks volumes with a speech that was banned at school

“President Barack Obama recently talked about same-sex marriage with his wife and two daughters. Some people are for same-gender marriage, while others are against it,” said Kameron Slade, a fifth grader in New York who recently delivered a speech about marriage equality to City Council. The student’s speech had been banned more than a month ago at his elementary school – the school said the topic wasn’t appropriate for speech class. But openly gay legislator Christine Quinn invited Slade to deliver his speech just this week in front of some pretty powerful people. And the fifth grader delivered.

The boy’s mother told The New York Times that she teaches her son to accept others. “Sometimes we’ll be walking down the street and we’ll see two men or two women holding hands; and he gets that,” she said. “I want my children to be accepting.”

Slade admits that he was inspired to write the speech after Barack Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage. He also says his mother’s lesbian friends made him realize that there is no one definition of family.

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